WinTV install problems

  Wizzy 18:43 26 Dec 2003

Yesterday I got WinTV USB for my computer. When I plug in the USB cable the Add New Hardware wizard displays. I tell it the drivers are on my WinTV CD and it then copys the files to my Hard Disk. At the end of installation I get an error saying it could not start the device and I am unable to use WinTV. I downloaded a copy of the drivers from Hauppauge's website, ran the setup, restarted my PC and got the Add New Hardware wizard. I uses the files put on the computer by the driver setup but as it gets to the end of the driver installation my computer freezes and restarts. How can I get WinTV to work. My computer is Windows XP Home with Service Pack 1.
WinTV works fine on my Windows 2000 Professional Laptop.

  woodchip 18:50 26 Dec 2003

You should have loaded the Drivers and software before connecting the USB. Have a look in device manager and remove the usbTV then try the above. The drivers should be loaded before the software if you can in Explorer have a look for the driver folder on the CD and run the setup file

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