Winsock error

  Melanie 11:11 12 Dec 2003

Hello anyone that can help. I did put this problem in yesterday and now have more details as requested. A friend of mine can't access the internet the following error has occured
CID box appears with options to close or ignore - it doesn't let you ignore so you have to close. Once this is done it says the usual spill about an illegal operation has taken place. Once that has gone it says execdialertask with a big X and ok. when you close this is says winsock error the sub system has failed. There is also a picture of a phone with lightning above it in the CID box! The phone line works perfectly when on the phone.

Anybody got any ideas? Would really appreciate your help. Thanks Melanie

  Gongoozler 11:36 12 Dec 2003

Hi Melanie. It's best to keep to one thread, replying via the "Add a new response to etc" box at the bottom of the page, that way someone with more knowledge on the subject may come in and see the whole history.

Searching via Google for clues to the problem suggests that yours may not be a straightforward dial-up modem, and may even be a networked system. Can you fill us in on a few more details.

  alcudia 11:42 12 Dec 2003

As part of the message contains a reference to cdialer it may be due to modem settings click here to see what they should be.

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