Winservice86, Websearch and Mypcbackup.

  trenchn 09:46 17 Dec 2014

Hi All, I have tried and tried to get rid of this junk and it just keeps coming back. I have Malawarebytes installed and it gets rid of it for about a minute and then it's back. I have tried removing in programs and have searched the internet for a solution, but everything I try is short term. Any suggestion? I'm not a complete novice, but I'm no PC whizz either, so not too technical if possible. Thank you for any help, this is driving me mad.

  onthelimit1 10:10 17 Dec 2014

Try Adwarecleaner free from Bleeping Computer

  trenchn 11:22 17 Dec 2014

Downloaded, run, cleaned, problem back 2 minutes later. Have I got a setting wrong somewhere?

  spuds 11:23 17 Dec 2014

You could also run and try Malwarebytes anti-root kit, which I have found works well on some occasions, when others don't click here

  trenchn 14:48 17 Dec 2014

Again, installed, cleaned, re-infected within minutes. I think I must have something set to "please come in and infect me", but I don't know what.

  spuds 15:29 17 Dec 2014

I have just done a Google search for some solutions, using *'how to get rid of (then each individual name)',*and a number of possible actions came up, including YouTube video's. Having tried to post the links, PCA things that I am spreading spam, so perhaps you might try what I have done!.

  trenchn 18:38 18 Dec 2014

I have now tried everything I can think of, and everything have been advised to try, and the problem persists. Anyone?

  Frxshh 18:48 18 Dec 2014

I had kind of the same virus, it kept coming back even if i removed the whole folder of it. It has to be rooted in your registry. I was able to remove it with Spybot Search&Destroy. Maybe this also works for you

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