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Wins 10, Critical process died. Solution?

  rickf 22:57 21 Apr 2019

I left one of my laptops on for an afternoon. When I came back it showed this message. Never seen this one before. Wins couldn't repair it nor can I use system restore. Then tried command prompt, went through the process and just couldn't get it back. Stuck in a loop. Maybe just have to reinstall wins but will lose my files as I can't get into wins to save them. Any helpful ideas?

  rickf 23:00 21 Apr 2019

Just to add wins could not repair it too.

  x13 23:41 21 Apr 2019

Do you use Acronis or Macrium for backups? If you have the recovery medium from either boot from it and restore a backup.

If not try powering on and off a few times. If you can eventually get to CMD type bcdedit /set {default} safeboot then power off and on again - see if you can get to safe mode to troubleshoot.

  rickf 15:44 22 Apr 2019

Spent an afternoon trying out various options but none had worked. Fresh installing Wins 10 now. Probably caused by an update.

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