Winrar instructions rar files to MP3

  thumbscrew 18:48 19 May 2013

Can anyone tell me (In the simplest possible terms) how to extract MP3 files from Winrar? Despite watching "Easy" Youtube tutorials and wading through impenetrable posts, I'm still failing with this alleged simple process!And what's with the password...nobody mentions that!!

  bremner 18:58 19 May 2013

Where did you get the files from?

  thumbscrew 19:03 19 May 2013

Hello bremner...from Classic Rock magazine.

  alanrwood 19:05 19 May 2013

rar files are files which contain one or several related files which are compressed to make the size smaller. The result of compressing results in a rar file termed an "archive". To get the original files you need to unrar the file using Winrar or Winzip or a similar program. Part of the unrar process is to ask for a password which is required only if the original archive was set to be password protected by the originator.

Download the free evaluation version of Winrar from

Install it and then you will be able to extract (unrar)the file to get at the mp3 files however you will need the password if it was originally password protected.

  bumpkin 21:29 19 May 2013

Winzip should work, if you have it.

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