WinPcap 3.0 Alpha 4. What is it ?

  rawprawn 15:40 04 Jun 2003

While looking through my add & remove prorams I found this. I can't find out what it does. I did a search on Google & all I can see is it is some kind of network sniffer. Is it Spyware, nether Spybot nor Adware are showing any problems, but I don't remember loadong it.

  rawprawn 10:06 05 Jun 2003

Surely someone out there knows something about this.

  rawprawn 16:31 05 Jun 2003

Thanks for the reply, I did read the research from Google but I didn't understand it it's a bit technical for me. However the only thing I can think of along the lines of your last answer is that there was an "update" from Freeserve that I downloaded at their request supposedly to make my connections better, I wonder could that be it. The other thing is it spyware?

  rawprawn 19:08 05 Jun 2003

As I said it was in program files, there were two text files one was log which seemed to be logging each install & uninstall but I really am not sure because I could interpret it as the log of what it would show if I decide to uninstall the program. Anyway because I don't like programs that I have not agreed to download, or add ons that nobody told me about I have uninstalled the program just now while on line. I will see if I get any adverse reactions on my computer. Thankyou for your help, I will give it a day or so, then if nothing happens mark this thread as resolved.

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