Winows ME problems

  tree2 20:05 08 Apr 2003

i can't get ME to load up on my old computer ( i use linux now)but it won't load up and i have to keep restarting it now until 1 out of 8 chances it actually loads up properly i have defragmented the drive and gave it a scandisk is says its fine BUT its NOT i am really irritated by Windows

  tree2 20:07 08 Apr 2003

on front screen i mean Windows

  flecc 21:54 08 Apr 2003

Probably best to stsrt from scratch by fdisking the hard drive, reformatting and installing ME then. I've had this happen with other Windows versions on older gear, even with XP.

  woodchip 22:11 08 Apr 2003

I would say you have scrambled the MBR with linux. You can try this make a linux floppy rescue disc then try the disc to see if it will get you into linux if it does, restart your computer with a Win98 floppy disc so you can get to Dos then at the prompt Type FDISK/MBR to restore the Master Boot Record you will have to use the linux floppy each time you want to enter linux after click here

  tree2 21:54 14 Apr 2003

Where did you get the Linux bit from? i have WinME on that computer i have more than 1 pc!!

  woodchip 23:06 14 Apr 2003

If you made you Question more clear then I would be able to offer real help

  Steinman 00:23 15 Apr 2003

Presuming your old pc meets the min requirement for Me, can you get safe windows in Me?

  DieSse 00:23 15 Apr 2003

You say it won't "load up" - but can you be a bit clearer and tell us what does happen - does it hang? - if so where? - does it just keep rebooting? - or what exactly?

  tree2 21:51 15 Apr 2003

it stops when loading the desktop up when the icons come on and the taskbar appears. then the mouse makes a strange noise and i can't click anything

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