Winndows XP and User Profiles.

  Will 17:13 13 Feb 2005

Winndows XP and User Profiles.

I have and AMD 1400Mhz, 512RAM, 6 and 20Gig HDDs, with other standard peripherals. The OS is Windows XP upgrade installed over Win 98SE. The OS is working FAT 32.
The problem I have is with the users:
On normal boot into XP I have 4 User Profiles avaliable as follows:
User A – “User A” is not an Administrator, has access to the internet but not Hotmail and updates can not be downloaded.
User B and User C – User B requires a password and when open does not have any tool bars or icons on the screen(blank Screen) and can only be closed by Ctl Alt Delete to Task Manager. User C does not require a password but has the same blank screen and closeing down procedure.
Guest: Guest is the only completely usable profile accept not being able to download patches and updates.
Opening all these profiles I have the following message appear: “Failed to update the System Registry. Please try useing REGEDIT.

Opening the computer in “Safe Mode” gives 3 users
Administrator – Does not have internet access so can not download updates and patches.
User D and User E – notice not users B and C as I would have thought, D and E are not administrators and do not have access to the internet.

The problem is how do I download updates and patches and what is happening with all the users especially the blank screens on users B and C??????

  mattyc_92 17:32 13 Feb 2005

On the "Welcome Screen" press "Ctrl->Alt->Delete" twice.... Now enter "Administrator" as the user name and press enter (leaving the password field empty)....

Now you will want to go to "c:\documents and settings" and open the folder "User A" and copy and paste all the personal files, favourites and cookies you wish to keep.... Repeat this for ALL areas... Making sure that you create a folder somewhere to "store" the files for now....

Now you can go to "Start->Control Pannel->User Accounts" and select each one, followed by "Delete this account"....

Now create new accounts and log into each of this to "activate" them so you can see them in "c:\documnets and settings"...

Copy the personal files into each one of the user account (obviously files from User A into the new user account for this person...)

You cann't delete the "Guest" Account, so you can't do this... But this should allow you to access the internet and download things for ALL the new accounts...

  Will 18:26 13 Feb 2005

tried the Ctl Alt Delete thing and it came up with "Unable to log you on because iof account restriction" ??? The plot thickens.
And thanks for the help Matty

  mattyc_92 18:38 13 Feb 2005

hmmm.... Have you got the winXP installation disk and Win98??

  Will 18:43 13 Feb 2005


  mattyc_92 18:46 13 Feb 2005

Well if you don't get a solution for this problem, then you will have to partition your hard-disk and install WinXP on that partition, allowing you to copy all your files onto another drive... Then put the partitions back as one....

If you do this then you will need to boot from the WinXP disk and follow the on-screen instructions... I also recomend you formatting the new partition in "NTFS" format and not one of the FAT families...

  Will 18:56 13 Feb 2005

I was thinking of getting another hard disk because they are becoming restrictive, I have to delete stuff to install other stuff. The os is on the 6 gig drive and I have got most of my data (pics, music etc) on the 20 gig disk. I was thinking of putting the new disk (80gig) onto the 20 gig port and installing the OS onto that then transfering any data I need onto the large disk, disconnecting the 6gig and reinsatalling the 20 gig into the 6gig position.
I am awhere af the master/slave thing but do you know if there will be a problem installing an OS onto the slave(80 gig) while I have the master with the OS on or will I need to start from scrtach by disconnecting all HDD and just haveing the 80 gig in position and installing the OS to that?

  mattyc_92 19:00 13 Feb 2005

You will need to install your operating system onto the MASTER drive... This drive would be "bootable", which is needed to load windows...

The other drive would have to be set to "slave" so that it is just "additional storage" and so that the system doesn't read the drive as a bootable drive....

  Will 19:11 13 Feb 2005

So to do a clean install could I just put the new HDD as a master, install the Win98SE and go straight into the Win XP up grade? Should I get all the drivers and settings sorted at the Win98SE stage or should I just do it after installing XP and when will it ask what file system to use? As another thought will I be able to read the FAT 32 HDD (20 gig and 6 Gig) when I attach them if the new disc is NTSF?

  mattyc_92 19:20 13 Feb 2005

First... Set the drives as "Master" and "Slave" (please consult your system's manual for exact details).... Now insert the WinXP disk and look out for the message "Press any key to boot from cd" and when you see this press a key.... You may be asked for the Win98 Installation disk during setup.... Do EXACTLY what the setup instructs you to do... You don't need to install Windows 98, you can just go straight to formatting and installing XP, following this "proceedure"....

  Will 19:29 13 Feb 2005

Thanks for all your help

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