teknikz 23:32 14 Dec 2004

is winmx as bad as Imesh for trojans? i want to download music from shared files but dunno what to use

  smudge101 23:40 14 Dec 2004

I have used a lot of peer to peer but .torrent files are the best so far.

Basically you download a small file(.torrent) from a web sit and the point your program (bittornado is good) at the file and start the download. the good thing is there seems to be very little dodgy content ie the file you expect is what you get.

Try this site: click here

  GaT7 00:08 15 Dec 2004

Here are some alternatives (sorted by User rating) click here. G

  teknikz 00:24 15 Dec 2004

twister looks good but it contains spyware...winmx doesnt

  SANTOS7 00:28 15 Dec 2004

click here
might want to read this first if the legality of the site is in question then the link should be removed

  teknikz 11:10 15 Dec 2004

i'm still wondering if winmx is the safest option? says no spyware but nothing about adware

  smudge101 11:32 15 Dec 2004

I used win MX for years, it has no adware or spyware. However you run the risk of spending time downloading a file and it not being the title you thought it was as a few people rename their files messing about. Also you are not sure whether the files are infected with a virus unless you have some good antivirus (like Avast)until you have finished and have scanned the file.
Overall the application is good and most of the people sharing files can be trusted but be aware that some people use P2P to catch the unwary.
The way .torrent files work you are unlikely to have the problems you MAY get with WinMX

  Noelg23 12:30 15 Dec 2004

I wouldnt trust WinMX if it was the last P2P program in the world. my mother in law used this and it caused her PC to crash. the first time she used it, the PC just stopped, she took it to a PC shop, who reinstalled XP for her. second time she tried using WinMX same thing happened again. PC crashed but this time whenever she turned it on it did all sorts, sometimes it would boot up normally but get into Windows, other times it just kept restarting. so when I had a look at it, i put it down to being a hardware fault and not software. clearly something came in from WinMX from possibly a file she was downloading. I finally narrowed the problem down to the memory. how in the world the memory got affected I will never know, but buying a new memory did the trick. of course this was after I bought a new hard drive and motherboard, but all in all it now works fine and she has not had any problems since. I have given her all the latest protection, but I think i will give her more this xmas. so after that fiasco she no longer uses any P2P program. I use torrent file too. I also have Kazaa, but I am using a lot of protection software so the second something creeps in AVG picks up on it and gets rid of it. so like everyone else torrents are better. I have not had any bad files from torrents that have corrupted my system, a couple of files from Kazaa have been bad but I have got rid of them before any damage was done.

  ianeon 12:33 15 Dec 2004

I use WINMX regualarly - no problems - no spy/adware - it is very popular, but is slow sometimes

  bignora 12:06 25 Sep 2005

hi, i've added no new software but when i try to connect to winmx it just keeps connecting, but it never does! help. bignora

  Hamish 12:09 25 Sep 2005

Type winmx into the search box. Someone says that it no longer valid

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