WinMPlayer9 - hidden player!

  [email protected] 16:55 24 May 2005

My friend has somehow managed to "hide" the WinMedPlayer on his new PC [xp]. I have tried to get it back but am unable to do so. The player "plays" when an audio disc is inserted - the WMP doo dah arrives in the workbar - the icon is in the quick launch - there is every indication that it is "there" but we just cant see it! I have tried reinstalling from a freshly downloaded version but the problem persists. (*He is not on the net, I d/l from MS, put it onto a disc and visited him).
He is an old newbie and a bit click happy but we have all been there sometime I expect. Unfortunately, he doesnt recall just what he did or what he was doing when he did it! Without going into Reinstall/Restore etc, would anyone have an idea where to start. Right clicking the properties of his drive with a disc in, brings up the usual "what do you want windows to do" etc , and choosing "play with WMP" works as you would expect but we just cant see it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  [email protected] 09:01 12 Jul 2005

Just checking my "resolved" ticks.
This one has been resolved but I was waiting for the guy in question to explain to me what the vendor did. Waited too long and now he doesnt remember! Sorry - I would have liked to inform ;-)

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