From Win/ME to XP Home.Digital Camera Problems

  cazart134 22:08 19 Dec 2004

i have a OREGON FLASHCAM 1.3mp DS6628 CAMERA the size of a credit card,plug and play 9 month old still under worked perfectly with win/me but on my new computer and win/xp it does not.i have been back to manufacturers who advised and replaced the unit but i still have problems.firstly xp did not recognise the camera and it would not dowload pics from camera.this was replaced and the second one is the same,and also ther is error notice across middle of screen
OREGON SCIENTIFIC DS6628 ERROR cant close registry key Hkcu\Software\Oregon Scientific\Oregon Scietific DS6628\Options(error6:the handle is invalid)can some one tell me what to do besides the obvious.cazart134

  Totally-braindead 22:29 19 Dec 2004

I did a quick websearch and found this don't know if this has anything to do with it but here it is anyway "Note: Users of Windows 2000 Professional, XP Professional, and XP Home Edition should log on under an Administrator account (e.g., "Administrator")." It doesn't mention specifically why or when you do this I presume its when you load the camera software but it could mean when you actually use the camera.

  Totally-braindead 22:36 19 Dec 2004

Heres Oregon website for your camera click here perhaps you could check the downloads and see if theres new drivers which might help.

  Ive 22:40 19 Dec 2004

Does your camera have a memory card. If so all you need is a card reader. Some new pcs come with a card reader or you can purchase a USB connectable card reader for under a tenner.Just put the card in and XP will auto detect it and ask what u want to do. You dont need to load any camera software this way.

  Rogerfredo 09:32 20 Dec 2004

Are you connecting via the USB connection?
I had similar problems with my Epson 875DC printer. This has a built in card reader which works under ME but does not work under XP.
Apparently the USB driver is at fault. Like Ive I suggest you buy a cheap card reader. This solved my problem.

  cazart134 22:49 20 Dec 2004

many thanks to Totally-Braindead,Ive,and OzzyOz,for your solutions.i have heard of this "administrater account" before but it has never applied to me before using Win/me.i assumed when you registered a new computer that it was automatic that you were allowed access to all the utilities and programs you installed on your own machine until you limit access to others (ie children)am i wrong. one step at a time how do i put things right please.then i will seriously think about buying a card reader.cazart134

  Totally-braindead 21:44 22 Dec 2004

As far as I know cazart134 you're entirely right until you set up seperate accounts for someone else you should be the administrator. Regarding the card reader which would of course solve your problem can I suggest either an external one from click here they do have others if this one won't read your type of cards or an internal one from here click here

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