winlogon etc problems

  ribo 15:43 29 Mar 2006

My friend is having problems with his computer.Can anyone help please.XP Home SP2.
He ahs scanned his system and everything comes up clean. He is unable to do a System Restore,even in safe mode.
His problem :- When he goes to close down, the comp.gets halfway and then shows a blue screen with the message "Fatal system Logon Process terminated unexpectedly".He had to switch off at the wall. When he boots up he gets the message "winlogon failure and the ATI external utility exe module failure warning" appears. He can ignore these and the comp.seems to work fine,until he wants to switch off,when the cycle begins again.
He has only a rescue disk. I have an XP CD he could use if necessary and if it would work.
Thanks you in advance. J

  rawprawn 16:01 29 Mar 2006

Start/run/type sfc /scannow (watch the space between sfc and /) you will need the XP CD, or it may work with his recovery disc I'm not sure.

  ribo 17:12 29 Mar 2006

Thank you for your help.
When my friend did as you suggested and then pressed ok. he got the blue screen with the above message. He could not get any further.
Any more help please. Thanks.j

  rawprawn 17:19 29 Mar 2006

Can he go into Set up. and get to last good configuration (Tap F8 on booting)

  rawprawn 17:21 29 Mar 2006

click here for instructions, and has he loaded any new software recently.

  ribo 18:20 29 Mar 2006

When he clicks on Last....config. The same result happens.
He says he has not installed any new software.It would appear that this just started out of the blue.

  rawprawn 18:33 29 Mar 2006

Not really sure but it sounds to me as though the HD is kaput. See if anyone else can offer other suggestions.

  rawprawn 18:36 29 Mar 2006

Sorry one last go, get into windows, go to command prompt type CHKDSK /f (watch the space) you will get amessage saying to do it you need to reboot. Do it and see what happens. I am going off now I will look back tomorrow.

  ribo 11:37 30 Mar 2006

He did a scandisk and all shows well. I wish to thank you very much for your help. He is now contempating a reformat as he does not know what else to do. Thanks again for your help even though we did not solve the problem. J

  rawprawn 11:42 30 Mar 2006

click here see if this will help him try a "Repaair" Sorry I couldn't help further, good luck.

  ribo 12:09 30 Mar 2006

Thank you. On reading your link ,it would appear that you need an XP CD. He has only got a restore disk. I have told him he can borrow mine,if it will work.Do not know if it will,with all this activation. He can but try. J

I shall mark this as resolved,even though it is not.

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