wingdings- a virus?

  Ramification 10:34 15 Apr 2004

hi people, yesterday i had a problem with my pc, all the fonts in windows, everything, was in wingdings font, i virus checked my system, removed a trojan, and then did a system restore. this solved the problem. but was it a virus? how did it get past virus checker firewall? i wasnt on any internet page at the time. how can i stop a reoccurence of this? thanks. Ram

  bazza2 11:48 15 Apr 2004


  Ramification 11:57 15 Apr 2004

bounce? is that a virus? or a program to stop it?

  Nosmas 12:04 15 Apr 2004

No. It's just a means of refreshing your post and taking it back to the top of the page for others to see who might have missed it first time round.

Any message - bounce, bump, refresh etc. or even just a character like ! will have the same effect.

  Ironman556 12:20 15 Apr 2004

If you removed a trojan then it was probably that causing the problems.

It's possible that it lay dorment in your PC until somthing triggered it, could be date, time, openeing a file etc. If you started your pc and it came up in wingdings then it may have been in one of the startup commands.

Virus checkers and Firewalls can't stop everything, and occasionally miss things. It's happened to me a few times, open a page thrown up by google and the AV finds a trojan has downloaded with the page (in this case as an image). Also sone AV's will miss things others pick up.

The best thing you can do to stay safe is to always make sure you're up to date with firewall and AV, and scan regularly. Also you could get the updates for Internet explorer (or whatever browser you use) to fix security holes.

  Ramification 12:40 15 Apr 2004

thanks for that ironman. :)

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