Winfixer changed to WinAnti Virus Pro 2006?

  micklemouse 11:20 22 May 2006

I have a blog on Xanga and every time logged into it recently, I got the dreaded Winfixer window popping up over and over again.

I trie Spy Sweeper, Ewido (free), AdAware and none of them found it, so I installed Spypot and ran a scan. I was so pleased when it came up with "Winfixer" which I fixed straight away. A couple of days passed with no problems on my Xanga blog.

Now when I log in to Xanga I get a different window popup with "Microsoft Internet Explorer" in the top bar. The Popup window says, "There is a security vulnerability from the Baktera virus. We recommend you DOWNLOAD one of the security software programs to prevent malware infections."

I try to delete this popup with the X in the top right corner but then a new webpage appears advertising:

Win AntiVirus Pro 2006
Win AntiSpyware 2006

I have written down the address of this webpage and it is as follows;

click here=

And that's it. What can I do to get rid of it? I have also got Zone Alarm firewall and AntiVir antivirus. I have also got the VundoFix 4.2 which did NOT find Winfixer the first time.

I have run VundoFix as a task again, and searched for files but still no trace.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  skidzy 15:31 22 May 2006

Are you just using the Vundo fix....if so,this is not enough to get rid of Winfixer.

This is a nasty piece of Spyware/Malware etc.
Use either of these to rid the pesky thing click here
click here

Hope this helps.

  micklemouse 08:56 23 May 2006

I told you in my message, I have used Spy Sweeper, Ewido (free version), AdAware, Spybot and Vundofix 4.2 even AOL Spyware although I don't rely on it too much.

Also up-to-date ZoneAlarm and AntiVir.

I will have a look at your links, thanks, and report back later

  micklemouse 09:21 23 May 2006

ok, I have examined my hijackthis log to see if the O2 and O20 file names (not the paths) match up, and they don't. So according to the Bleeping Computer website I don't have Vundo/Winfixer/WinAntiVirus or whatever name it morphs into, although at the moment it's using the WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 name on my computer.

I now find that having installed the new version of CCleaner I'm stuck with a Yahoo Toolbar which I don't want. I remove the tick in Toolbars and the dam thing comes back again a few minutes later when I change sites! I can't find it in MSconfig Startup either.

  micklemouse 09:29 23 May 2006

(Just got rid of yahoo toolbar in Add/Remove)

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