Winfax Pro and Norton 2005

  yahwob 12:26 18 Mar 2005


I currently run a small network of 4 pcs hooked to a server.

I've been using winfax pro 10.0 for a while and all was fine until I installed Norton 2005 a few days ago. Now instead of a "fax received message" appearing on all four workstations no notification comes up at all. The faxes are coming in but only to the server.This is a pain as not only do we not receive the faxes but we can't send from the workstations either, we have to send from the server.

Somebody told me that there are conflicts between winfax pro and Norton, is this true?

Any idea how I can get the faxes back to being sent to the workstations.


  FelixTCat 12:40 18 Mar 2005

Both are produced by Symantec, so I would be surprised if there is a conflict. You may have to upgrade Winfax - is there a 10.05 version?

Other than that, it is probably a firewall issue and you will have to tell it to allow fax traffic.

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