Winfax / Minolta

  Furkin 09:18 17 Oct 2004


I’ve got a niggley fault on one of my machines. I have two computers. Old machine (1) has XP Pro, Minolta Laser printer (1300W) & Winfax v9.
New machine (2) has XP Home, same Minolta printer & same Winfax v9.
Winfax v9 wouldn’t work with W2000, but does work well with XP. It did indeed work well on both my machines,,, until I installed a USB lead for the Minolta Laser Printer on machine 2. When I used the old lead (serial/parallel) things were fine. As soon as I introduced the USB I now get the following anomaly at boot up.
Although Winfax is properly installed & I use it daily,,,, I now get (paraphrase) “Winfax isn’t properly installed, click here to install” . I click the red Off button on this & the next 2/3 screens that follow,,, thereby not Re installing Winfax – which still works fine.
I have un installed both Minolta printer &/or Winfax & re installed both in all permutations. To no avail.
Computer 1 still works great with Minolta & Winfax.
Any ideas please ?
Thanks for reading this.

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