Winfax 10 and NTL broadband

  blahblah123 15:55 19 May 2003

Will Winfax run okay on NTL Broadband?

  DieSse 16:08 19 May 2003

Fax cannot run on broad band - fax is by definition a dial-up point-to-point protocol.

It will run by dialling up on the same line as your broadband connection, but through your regular modem, which it pays to retain for this very purpose.

  anchor 16:19 19 May 2003

It certainly does with ordinary ADSL broadband. I have the connection to the ADSL modem and the PC`s own 56k modem plugged into the supplied micro filter. If you want to have the phone also, then connect an ordinary dual phone adaptor into the phone outlet of the micro filter. This works, as it is the set-up I have.

Cannot really comment about NTL; I have no experience of it. Check with them.

  anchor 16:24 19 May 2003

I should have made it clearer; the ADSL modem is plugged into the modem socket of the micro filter, and the dual adaptor for the phone and ordinary modem is plugged into the phone outlet of the micro filter.

The micro filter is then plugged into the ordinary phone wall socket.

  Bebee 17:27 19 May 2003

DieSse's answer is true for NTL. I have NTL and have my modem plugged into an extension to the phone line to use the fax.

  DieSse 17:33 19 May 2003

"It certainly does with ordinary ADSL broadband" -

With respect, no it doesn't. As you yourself described it, you need an ordinary 'phone connection for the fax to work - which of course you always have, even with ADSL.

  blahblah123 20:06 19 May 2003

thanks for the response so far,

DieSse suggested that I run off the telephone line but how do I connect the telephone line to my PC so I can run broadband and the tele?fax line independently? NTL concurred there is no way to fax on their broadband.

  DieSse 21:02 19 May 2003

You need a conventional modem, as for dial-up internet - and you connect that to the phone line, as if you didn't have broadband. That's what the fax needs - just a modem and phone line.

  anchor 15:02 20 May 2003


I think perhaps that my initial statement may have been misleading. However, in my more detailed explanation I think it became clearer that an ordinary phone line and modem were also needed.

What I meant was that you can be connected to the internet via broadband, and at the same time send a fax with WinFax. Of course, an ordinary standard modem must be connected to the phone line outlet of the micro filter.

Anyway, thank you for clarifying it.

  DieSse 17:18 20 May 2003

I think we were both actually singing from the same hymn sheet, just expressing it differently!

Also I tend to forget about broadband also being cable - round here it's only ADSL, so I'm always just thinking telephone lines!

  kevin53 18:20 20 May 2003

You cannot use fax software with an ADSL modem,only a normal 56k dialup type

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