WinFast PVR - freezing problem!

  o44wen 23:45 23 Jun 2005

Hi folks,

I seem to be have a problem with my WinFast PVR that i got from click here

It keeps freezing. When i set up the PVR to record for me in the middle of the night or during the day it freezes! Its really annoying as i dont understand what is causing the problem. When i press the record button manually it records perfect each time. Its only when i use the timer function.

My PC is a Mesh 3000 Athlon 64 with 512MB RAM 160Gb hard drive (with over 100GB free.

  john-232317 08:57 24 Jun 2005

Don't know anything about the product, but at a guess maybe the the timer wont work if PC goes into sleep mode when it is not active.

  o44wen 21:36 24 Jun 2005

i am not sure if that is the problem. I think i used it with the computer not in sleep mode, however i will give it another try out.

You see when i come home and switch on the monitor what i have on the screen is the tele switched on and the timer thingy that says recording at 3.00 for (however many hours) But the programme then does not ever do anything but freeze! Dam this is annoying.

  o44wen 21:57 24 Jun 2005

i just checked out my power saving section on my PC and i never had it to go into sleep mode or anything, all i ahd was the screen saver to come on after 30 minutes. Maybe that was a problem, i will give it a test tonight to see if that was the problem, i have switched it off now.

  o44wen 21:00 20 Jul 2005

any other responses out there? the problem still happens :(

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