WindowsXP repair installation

  rickbee 15:37 22 Jan 2005

Does the repair installation for XP still work now that SP2is installed.Also the SFC does not seem to be installed.How can I find out if so.Thanks every one. rickbee.

  Frank-P 15:57 22 Jan 2005

I cannot be 100% positive, but I see no reason why it shouldn't. I have used the Repair option on several PC's, and I am fairly certain at least one of them had SP2 installed. I think the worst case is probably that it will ask if you want to overwrite an existing file with an older version; if you do, you may need to reinstall SP2. Others may know better of course!

  Magik ®© 16:11 22 Jan 2005

I have never got SFC to work once sp2 was installed, it just kept asking for the win xp disk, which i put in, the drive kept lighting up, but when it was run again, the same thing.
so on the laptop i took it out...

  rawprawn 16:52 22 Jan 2005

I have run sfc on SP2 with no problems, just Start/Run/ Type sfc /scannow. As for a Repair installation, I am not sure. I do know that when you had SP1 loaded and did a repair installation, SP1 had to be reinstalled following the repair installation. Unless somebody knows better I would think that SP2 would be removed and would have to be reinstalled. I have not done a repair since loading SP2, so I do not know for certain, but Repair takes the OS back to what is on your XP disc and unless it is very recent and has SP2 on it, I think you will have to reinstall SP2

  VoG II 16:54 22 Jan 2005

Re SFC click here

  powerless 17:40 22 Jan 2005

It depends on two things:

1) You have a Wndows XP Service Pack 2 Disk - Installation [not sp2 disk free from MS]

2) You have a Windows XP Service Pack 1[a] or previous.


If 1 then you can repair the installation.

If 2 then you will have to reinstall XPSP2.

  Baz48 18:09 22 Jan 2005

I have Windows XP Home with SP2 installed from a magazine disk and did a repair install a month ago with no problems at all.

  rickbee 15:48 24 Jan 2005

Thanks everyone for your advice.All is ok except for the sfc is still not showing up on computer.The scannow suggestion does not work no matter how I type it.Thank You.Rickbee

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