windowsxp loads of problems - are they connected?

  boo_hiss_boo 18:46 18 Aug 2004

I have a problem with the windows on my pc. It started off with windows media player not loading and telling me it had an'internal error'. Then I tried to bring up explorer by the 'windows+E' keys and this is not happening and just keeps offering the error report to go to microsoft and then I tried to download the lateset windows update and this would not happen. When I tried to use the link to see what had gone wrong, I encountered a page failure. I am really worried.
I am wondering if I could re-load windows from my cd-rom I received with my computer? Can I do this without disturbing all of my other stuff or will I have to start from scratch?
I have no restore points as I had to turn this off today to get rid of the netsky.z virus.

Thanks Boo

  VoG II 18:53 18 Aug 2004

Start, Run and type

sfc /scannow

and click OK. You may be asked for the Windows CD.

If that doesn't fix it, try a repair click here

  boo_hiss_boo 19:07 18 Aug 2004


Thanks. I will try both of these. I am away from my pc for a while now, so I will let you know how I get on once I am able to try these properly.


  jimv7 19:23 18 Aug 2004

There is a worm out called the wallon worm, microsoft has a patch for this, the symptoms are as you describe.

I might be wrong but this but I believe this is the patch OE6.0sp1-KB837009-x86-ENU.

  boo_hiss_boo 19:26 18 Aug 2004


I did the scannow and this came up with nothing. I had a quick look before I go out at the link you gave and this tells me how to repair from a windows xp disk. My disks are restore cd's from pre-installed software. Do you know if I run this the same but with cd1 for example?


  VoG II 19:33 18 Aug 2004

I don't think recovery disks will work.

  boo_hiss_boo 09:22 19 Aug 2004


Thanks, I will look ion MS web pages and see if I can download the patch


if this doesn't work and my recovery disks won't work, what would be my next step?


  boo_hiss_boo 09:49 19 Aug 2004

HI Vog & Jim

I have looked for the patch but MS webpages are coming back with no search criterea matched. I have read a bit about this worm and it goes back to about may this year, wouldn't my AVG have found one that has been around for so long?


  boo_hiss_boo 16:02 19 Aug 2004

Well I seem to have had so many problems lately, I have decided I am going to restore my computer from the restore disks that came with it. Thanks to all that tried to help. I am off now for a while to try and copy to disk all that I can before completely whitewashing my pc. I am sure I will be back soon though, probably needin help with set up or similar.

Thanks for all of your help


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