windowsxp home and sp problem

  patso 19:10 17 Nov 2004

having tried everything to install sp2 including bringing my pc to a specialist i was told by him the best way to do it is a clean install of xp and then do i do this and can i reinstall xp over the current xp on my pc or do i have to delete everything and then reinstall as i do not know how to format a pc.any help please thanks

  patso 19:27 17 Nov 2004

dp i have an xp home disc which came with the pc and was installed on it when i got it but the chap in the pc shop reckons there is a corrupt instsll file in my windows somewhere and it would cost too much for him to trawl through all the files on my pc to find it so a reinstall would be the best answer. cost around 250.00

  patso 20:03 17 Nov 2004

jim will i need to put in the xp disc first or just type it the way he charged me 80 just for the advice and just ran a few checks.said it would cost 200 plus for a reinstall and re format.i would do it myself if i knew how

  patso 20:04 17 Nov 2004

yes i have all my progs on disc

  patso 20:17 17 Nov 2004

when i run sfc scannow the box appears saying please wait e.t.c then disappears after a few mins and nothing happens.went to the link as well and printed it all off.yes feel i was well ripped off and still no wiser as i am a rookie at this biz

  patso 20:21 17 Nov 2004

logging off now to watch the match .please feel free to post any help as i will log back on after the game and all help is greatly appreciated by me and with all the help i should get to the root of the problem.thanks all again as all the help is priceless.patso

  patso 22:06 17 Nov 2004

thanks for the link.will try and will post back to let you know.just checking at half time.thanks again every little helps.will spend tomorrow on pc trying all suggestions.will post back.thanks very much.going down for second half.will log on again after game.thanks again dbd

  patso 22:13 17 Nov 2004

excellent link by the way db thanks again

  patso 17:53 18 Nov 2004

what i want to know is do i have to delete my hard drive or can i install over the windows i have?

  patso 22:40 19 Nov 2004

when i boot from the xp home disc it asks for admin password which i dont know as xp was installed when i got the pc.any ideas please also terms and conditions does not come up on screen.going to try again.will post exactly what happens on screen.thanks again im never done thanking people on this site

  patso 23:10 19 Nov 2004

ok when i boot from xp home disc i get this message.this portion of setup prepares ms windows to run on your set up windows press enter
to repair windows xp installation using recovery console press r
to quit press exit.when i press r i get message 1:c\windows
which windows installation would you like to log on to.when i type 1 i get asked for admin password which i dont know.what do i do next any ideas.

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