windowsxp home and sp problem

  patso 19:10 17 Nov 2004

having tried everything to install sp2 including bringing my pc to a specialist i was told by him the best way to do it is a clean install of xp and then do i do this and can i reinstall xp over the current xp on my pc or do i have to delete everything and then reinstall as i do not know how to format a pc.any help please thanks

  andrew-196854 19:16 17 Nov 2004

you don t say if you have a copy of windows xp or was it preinstalled

  patso 19:27 17 Nov 2004

dp i have an xp home disc which came with the pc and was installed on it when i got it but the chap in the pc shop reckons there is a corrupt instsll file in my windows somewhere and it would cost too much for him to trawl through all the files on my pc to find it so a reinstall would be the best answer. cost around 250.00

  andrew-196854 19:30 17 Nov 2004

ok before you do it have you got all your programs on disc etc.. passwords

  JIM 19:45 17 Nov 2004

before you do anything i would run sfc /scannow to save typing,go to the link.

I would not be to happy with the answer from (would cost too much for him to trawl through "all the files" on my pc to find it )

click here

How to use scannow sfc...

The main reason for using this utility is when you suspect there may be a problem with a Windows XP system file.

Perhaps you get a dialog box appear informing you of a problem with a .dll file, or your program will just not load! It is therefore worth checking to see if there are any corrupt system files using scannow sfc.

To do this simply go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

sfc /scannow

This command will immediately initiate the Windows File Protection service to scan all protected files and verify their integrity, replacing any files with which it finds a problem.

  patso 20:03 17 Nov 2004

jim will i need to put in the xp disc first or just type it the way he charged me 80 just for the advice and just ran a few checks.said it would cost 200 plus for a reinstall and re format.i would do it myself if i knew how

  patso 20:04 17 Nov 2004

yes i have all my progs on disc

  andrew-196854 20:07 17 Nov 2004

i should do as jim says first never thought of that it does take a while to do

  andrew-196854 20:10 17 Nov 2004

you can also error check by right mouse clicking on your drive look for the tab called tools and its in there just tick the 2 boxes and it will do it next time you reboot

  JIM 20:11 17 Nov 2004

Type in sfc /scannow in the run box first windows will ask for the CD if required.(Normaly needed to be inserted)(PS.You were Rip/off)may he rest in Peace )Not wanting to upset anyone. ;)

  patso 20:17 17 Nov 2004

when i run sfc scannow the box appears saying please wait e.t.c then disappears after a few mins and nothing happens.went to the link as well and printed it all off.yes feel i was well ripped off and still no wiser as i am a rookie at this biz

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