rotormota 13:57 03 Oct 2004

I have just downloaded WMP10 & it has automatically loaded the library with music tracks from the wrong location. In any other media player this would be ok coz a select all option may be available (in MMJB it is anyway) & subsequent clear all.

Is it me or is the only way of clearing the library of hundreds of tracks is to do it one by one????


  hkvic 14:12 03 Oct 2004

I was looking at Mozillazine forums and apparently WMP10 is currently only for use in USA and is considered very 'buggy' at the moment. Advice would appear to be stay with version 9 until bugs in version 10 are ironed out.

Quote from there:
"Anyone with Windows XP in the UK will see a sentence in Windows Update saying: '(WMP10 update) is currently for USA users ONLY."

Hope this helps

  whisked 14:15 03 Oct 2004

I am in the UK and my WMP10 works fine.

  VoG II 14:17 03 Oct 2004

Me too.

  rotormota 14:20 03 Oct 2004

I simply went to MS site & downloaded without any messages...BUT Vog or Whisked is there a 'select all option' to clear library please???

  rotormota 15:13 03 Oct 2004

Thanks crx...simple really.

Can't seem to get the cross fading to work it to 10 sec overlap but nothing??


  david.h 15:27 03 Oct 2004

My MP10 working OK better than MP9

  Stuartli 15:40 03 Oct 2004

I've had WMP10 from the day it was launched (had all versions before that including SP2 WMP9) and it has, so far, proved trouble free.

In fact it's playing today's Mail on Sunday's De-Lovely CD-ROM at the moment and I was even able to update the track list from the Internet connection - it even listed it as the MOS CD disk on the website.

  rotormota 22:13 04 Oct 2004

I take my pants back....WMP10 is actuall very good indeed!!!!


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