Windows(Speedos) not booting ....

  WillyDR 07:31 20 May 2003

Running Win98SE, 258 MB RAM, 3 primary partitions ( 1 full Win98SE, 1 Internet (Windows/Speedos) and 1 Graphics (Windows/Speedos))
Coming back from holidays?:cordless mouse out of service and Internet partition booted up to C-prompt. Typed ?win? and normal start up continued. Had to use Drive Image to get the Internet partition to boot up again normally.
After a couple of days: no access anymore to the Internet partition and somewhat later no access to the Graphics one. All I get is the AVG boot scan and the background colour , no icons, no taskbar, no?.nothing on both partitions !
? virus scan from floppy (AVG): OK
? check on ctrl-alt-del: explorer.exe is missing (just AVGserv9, the boot scan?)
? drive fitness test and SMART: OK
? full Win 98SE partition is working as it should
? Win 98SE start up step by step: no sign of HW problem
? No step by step possible on the Speedos partitions
? Boot magic and Partition Magic(from floppy): OK and partitions can be seen at all times
? No beep codes on start up
? Both Windows(Speedos) partitions react exactly the same way
? Often shutting down from such a ?blank? situation is very slow and a process has to be ended (which one ?)
1. master boot record problem: tried to recover with the AVG floppy (error under ?restore all?, OK on ?restore tagged?
the Win98 Rescue floppy (fdisk /mbr): not OK
2. some hardware problem: replaced the Internet partition with some previous Drive Images, even after first formatting or deleting-recreating the partition: no avail. I went so far as to re-install windows/speedos on the Internet partition to build up the mbr again?

I suspect that it happens after mbr, but at the start of the partition boot up, but why on 2 partitions ?? What makes explorer.exe starting up. Shame on me, becos I forgot to try to start up from the a: prompt?
Any ideas?
Can I delay some part of the boot up process to make it always successful ?
Then suddenly? everything was back to normal start up !!
Will it stay like that or will the problem coming back ? A annoying weekend?
Thanx for any advice !

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