grizzley 17:17 09 Jun 2006

i am having a problem using my other computer which is running windows98se.the problem seems to stem from svchost which can not be found on system due to this i can not get anything to work on it i got a disc given me by my friend but it will not work.also no programmes will work on this computer. can somebody help with this problem. can not format the hard disk due to everytime i try something it says can not locate other computer is a rebuild bought from a computer fair a few years back.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:09 09 Jun 2006
  Diemmess 18:19 09 Jun 2006

If your problem is very recent then try.......
Switch on, and tap away at F8 well before Windows starts to load.
The screen should stop at a DOS message giving 5 alternatives.
Choose (5?) Command Prompt Only and press enter.
When the screen settles to C:> then type
scanreg /restore
and Enter. (dont forget the space between scanreg and the rest).
Now choose an earlier date before the trouble started select that follow the prompts and if you are luck... problem solved.

If you have never had this PC running properly then you may want to start from scratch with a format and a new clean install.

Have you a floppy to use as a bootup device, Windows98 startup or setup floppy?

If not download the program from the net and copy it to a floppy
If you boot the computer with this floppy in drive A: you will eventually arrive at a screen which shows A:>

If you really want to format and go through the whole installation process from scratch, then type
Format C: and press enter.....
but it is goodbye to everything on Drive C: - a fresh start, using your Windows 98 CD

  woodchip 18:33 09 Jun 2006

You cannot format a Windows Hard drive in Windows. You have to do it with the 98se Floppy boot disc click here tenth files down. Or just put the 98SE CD in computer and run setup so it loads over the top it may just find any missing files

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