windows98 to windows mi edition

  zulu warrior 22:08 08 Jul 2003

is it possible to install windows millenium on top of windows 98 without formating harddrive

  Quiller. 22:15 08 Jul 2003


Boot up to the win98 desktop. Pop the M.E. disk in the cdrom drive and follow the prompts.

Not as good as a fresh install but you will not loose your data or settings.

  Megatyte 22:17 08 Jul 2003

Yes. Just put the ME disk in and it should ask you if you want to upgrade.


  Tim1964 22:52 08 Jul 2003

May I ask why you want to upgrade?

I ask this as I upgraded to ME and had endless error messages and crashes using IE6 with it, so I went back to win98. I thought the system restore function would be handy but I supose you can't beat a 'proper application' like GoBack or something similar.

  VoG II 22:56 08 Jul 2003

I did exactly this and had more BSODs than you've has hot dinners. For me ME was a nightmare.

Why not go for XP - you can install that over the top of W98.

just a note to back up Tim1964, i also would not recommend installing ME. 98se is more stable, replace the scandisk and defrag programs with the me version but overall i would suggest staying as you are.

  Quiller. 23:08 08 Jul 2003

I beg you pardon,

had more BSODs than you've has hot dinners."


  woodchip 23:11 08 Jul 2003

Hove all things why ?

  The Sack 23:14 08 Jul 2003

Stay with 98! ME is the worst thing ever to come out of Microsoft ever. It is the most bug ridden unstable pile ever wrote.

XP or bust mate.

  keith-236785 23:20 08 Jul 2003

DONT DO IT, stick with 98 it is much more stable than the terrible ME, i have just reformatted my kids computer and reinstalled windows98, because after just 1 week windows ME crashed out with a message saying unable to continue, please reinstall windows.

ME is gone, Win98 is now on, running stable and no problems.

Just my opinion and experience.

  VoG II 23:25 08 Jul 2003

Sorry it wasn't personal. They were other BSODS.

I can furnish an affidavit if required.

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