Windows98 Filling With Junk?

  minch 13:34 18 Jul 2004

I've got windows 98SE installed separately on a 2GB partition. The amount of space in use on this partition keeps on rising even when I've not installed any new software. I empty the browser cache and recycle bin but it doesn't seem to make too much difference. Any explanations?

I've got most apps installed on another partition.
If I need to re-install WIN98 is there any way I can avoid having to completely re-install the apps which reside on the separate partition?

All help greatly appreciated.

  THE TERMINATOR 14:46 18 Jul 2004
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:57 18 Jul 2004

Registry gets bigger as programs installed not always cleared when un-installed same with temp files used during install.

Use a reg cleaner and file remover to help clear the cr**

Temporary File Cleaners:-
Crap Cleaner click here
Empty temp folders click here

File erasers :-
Eraser click here
Ultrawipe click here
My Uninstaller click here

Registry cleaner :-
Easycleaner click here ( Use with care, It advises you to back up the registry first, this is a good idea as it cleans rather aggressively. )

  Valvegrid 15:51 18 Jul 2004

Also its worth loading a copy of 98SE Service Pack 1

click here

Not only will it make sure all the patches are loaded, it will also optimise the swap file so it doesn't keep growing. It makes sure it uses all the memory first before using the swap file which does increase the speed a little.

  prima12 16:28 18 Jul 2004


  woodchip 16:42 18 Jul 2004

If you reload 98 there is no way you can get away with not reloading software. You may get some to run from the Program EXE file it depends on how the program was created i.e. CODE. if not you will have to reload the program, By the way, when you load a program some info like dll's always goes on the C:\ partition also it is registed in the registry.

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