Windows98 & cable broadband

  caris 22:23 14 Dec 2006

A young person was hoping to connect her W98 computer to a cable company bb provider.

The company informed her that this would not be possible with W98. They suggested an upgrade to W2000.

Surely support for W2000 will be ending soon-ish.

What would be the best thing to do.

Would an upgrade to XP solve this problem? How would they know if the computer was able to be upgraded to XP?

Could anyone help and advise us please?

Thank you ~ caris

  Joe R 22:28 14 Dec 2006


XP will be in use for cable broadband for many years to come. and is also the best upgrade possible.

Be sure that the PC specs are enough to run this 'though.

  Joe R 22:29 14 Dec 2006

Sorry meant to add, a 1 gig cpu, and 256Mb ram (minimum) will run it fine.

  Strawballs 22:29 14 Dec 2006

I ran an old 98se machine on XP but it was very slow. AMD K62 550meg, 256meg ram, My sons machine was 98 but when I had to get a new HDD a while back I bought an OEM of XP. It is a Duron 900 with 384 meg ram and that is still running now.

  Strawballs 22:33 14 Dec 2006

Saying that I have NTL BB with a Linksys router and I did a clean install of 98se for a friend recently (he doesn't like XP) and when I connected it to by wire it worked fine.

  De Marcus™ 22:34 14 Dec 2006

As far as I know there is only one Cable provider and that's NTL:Telewest.

It's quite possible for this 'young person' to connect using an ethernet connection and on another note, last time I checked, NTL:Telewest USB connections supported Win98 (as per their website).

  caris 22:50 14 Dec 2006

Thak you all for your help.

I will pass this information on and hopefully things will have a happy outcome.

Feel free to add further comments.

Merry Christmas


  Wak 08:07 15 Dec 2006

Hi, I am still running Win 98SE and have used NTL internet cable services for years with no problems.

  Blitzer 16:08 16 Dec 2006

>"The company informed her that this would not be possible with W98. They suggested an upgrade to W2000."

Like others on here I'm also using a Win98se PC absolutely fine with a NTL cable BB. I'm wondering if the issue is more to do with the initial setting up of the BB account and the software used to do so, i.e. that is not compatible with Win98 rather than the service itself?

  Wak 18:49 16 Dec 2006

Hi, When I installed my broadband, NTL issued a CD called "Broadband Installer v 1.3" under the name of BROADJUMP.
I suggest that you contact NTL by e-mail and ask them to send you a similar CD as it definitely covers Windows 98SE.
Try Emails to [email protected]

  octal 18:56 16 Dec 2006

I've had to sign up a couple of times like a new customer, I use Xandros Linux, I think the problem is more like the helpdesk doesn't support any other system apart from XP or Win 2000. You don't have to use their software to set the system up, it's just a load of bloat that's not needed, so I'm sure you'll be fine with Windows 98.

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