windows8 created recovery partition on external hard drive in error

  robbo1379 22:28 25 Jul 2013

Have created a recovery partition on my data external hard drive. Now all the pc sees is a recovery disc and not the data. Is it possible to delete the recovery partition and access the data, or failing that how can I access this data. I have windows 8 op system.

  woodchip 06:37 26 Jul 2013

You can turn off the Drive for recovery, this will then not take up no space on the drive other than the Recovery folder. this should not be deleted. Recovery only needs to be left on for the drive with the OS on it, Normally C:\

  robbo1379 07:41 26 Jul 2013

Thanks for the reply but how do I turn the drive off for recovery? Before I inadvertently created the "recovery drive" my ext hard drive had 1tb of music audio and photos on it. I cannot access that data and I fear it is now lost . What I would like to know is how can I access that data. I have already created a "recovery drive" on a dvd side am not worried about deleting the "recovery data".

  woodchip 10:15 26 Jul 2013

I use XP so it is different to windows 8

Click on the link to see for Win8

click here

  robbo1379 14:37 26 Jul 2013

Thanks again woodchip but the link is all about SYSTEM RESTORE I am looking for help deleting a partition on an external hard drive RECOVERY DRIVE. I guess for the limited response it is not a commonly asked question........

  Woolwell 14:51 26 Jul 2013

I'm going to ask a possibly silly question but does the data partition not show up as a different drive letter?

  robbo1379 15:00 26 Jul 2013

I plug in the hard drive and only offers recovery drive with the next letter along ie E in this case. None of the other data that was there is visible. I am reluctant to just delete the recovery drive as this may make data completely recoverable.

  rdave13 15:26 26 Jul 2013

Having 1 TB of data would be a nightmare to recover I think. All I can think of is to get another 1 TB drive and see what Recuva can do. Link. Scan the drive and select the other drive as destination of the data. I hate to think how long it could take.

  rdave13 15:39 26 Jul 2013

Here's a good tutorial on using Recuva. I'd do one type of file at a time. Creating a folder for it on the new drive first.

  robbo1379 09:09 27 Jul 2013

Thanks rdave. I was rather hoping for a quick silver bullet solution but I guess that doesnt exist :'( I will try your suggestion but not just at moment. Bit busy. Any other comments gratefully accepted.............Paul

  MN Samuals 17:55 05 Aug 2013

Hi Friend, Sorry to hear this. I am feeling bad for you. I have also lost my data from my external hard drive previously. Then I chose Remo Recovery tool and believe me it gave me outstanding results. You can also try it.

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