Windows2000 Install

  phil46 17:04 30 Dec 2005

Having a problem with W2000 install Mextor Sata HD 250GB
doing a clean install via floppy all goes well to that point then asks you to insert W2000 disk
fine starts loading then stops and asks you to insert Service pack 3 CD!!,thats where it all comes to a stand still haven't got a SP3 disk did have a SP4 that i had downloaded no joy there so found a site that had a SP3 download did that still no joy keeps telling me the disk is damaged which it isn't result at a stand still.
Computer AMD3.8 2GB RAM was running WXP but i prefer W2000.

  mgmcc 17:24 30 Dec 2005

If you are "clean installing" Windows 2000, how could its Setup know that SP3 even existed, let alone ask you to insert its CD? Does the drive still have XP on it or did you remove all partitions and start again with a 'blank' drive?

  phil46 18:41 30 Dec 2005

Thanks for your reply,yes i did ask myself the same question,i have done a manual format of coase that formats to FAT32 anyway put back the W2000 floppies again ok put the W2000 disk in and starts to load when asked to press C to continue right
away insert SP3 disk appears i haven't a clue why it is asking for this,yes the drive did have W2000 on before but i deleted the partition then i did a manual format.

  phil46 01:45 31 Dec 2005

I am unable to boot from CD Rom!! it is set to first boot in the bios but to know avail,these Acer Aspire have also a boot choice by pressing F12 but there is no cd rom to select,very strange
i have no other choice but to reinstall WXP no
problem there.
Many thanks to all .

  mgmcc 08:28 31 Dec 2005

You should be able to format the hard drive as FAT32, boot from a Windows 98 "boot floppy" with CD support and, from the DOS prompt, run the WINNT.exe file in the i386 folder on the CD.

It works with XP and, while there are references to it in Microsoft articles, I cannot find specific instructions for 2000. Microsoft's instructions for installing XP from DOS, which should be essentially the same, are at:

h t t p : / /

  phil46 11:41 31 Dec 2005

I resolved the problem,when i downloaded the W2000 floppies they carried SP3 unknown to me at the time coppied 4 new disks from W2000 CD ROM ok
d:\bootdisk\makeboot a:

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