Windows XP3

  geedad 10:27 15 Jul 2009

Using XP2, I am often prompted to install XP3.
I have tried to update, but almost when the update is finishing, I am advised that it can't install.
OK, so I decided not to bother, being quite happy with XP2, but auto-updates continue to show. I DO believe in auto-updates, but is there a way to ignore XP3, but allow any other future updates?

  T I M B O 10:38 15 Jul 2009

In critical-Express updates u can not ignor updates, only in Custom. What you might be able to do it download SP3 and install it yourself & not use windows utlity>> click here

Best of luck,,,,

  geedad 14:43 15 Jul 2009

Many thanks, but the advice if 1 PC is not to use this site!
DO NOT CLICK DOWNLOAD IF YOU ARE UPDATING JUST ONE COMPUTER: A smaller, more appropriate download is now available on Windows Update. The best way to ensure you get Windows XP Service Pack 3 is by turning on the Automatic Updates feature in Windows XP. You can use our step-by-step instructions or, if you prefer, let us do it for you.
I will follow the steps suggested in the last sentence.

  skeletal 16:02 15 Jul 2009

I have spent a number of hours trying to get my laptop to update to SP3 and like you, after waiting for hours as it chunters away, it fails at the last minute.

I have tried updating drivers as per various suggestions (you could try the same), but there are a few that seem impossible to get (e.g. those for the intel chip set).

In the end I have given up!

My main computer updated to SP3 quickly and easily because, presumably, it is newer and has all the latest drivers fully compatible with Windows (but it won’t run Vista as per my long running posts on the subject).

Go figure!!


  geedad 16:54 15 Jul 2009

You have, at least,made me feel relieved. I thought that perhaps it was me, and not the installation problem!!
I have a Sony desk-top PC, 3 GHz Pentium 4 with HT, and an ATI Radeon 9200 graphics card.
Perhaps getting on now, but still mighty fast for the kids' games!
Perhaps Microsoft would like us all to spend more money on new PCs!
But thanks again for your welcome comments. I think I will leave XP2 upgrade for another time!!

  DieSse 18:15 15 Jul 2009


Ignore that message, it's not even correct. You may use the download to make a CD to update as many computers as you want - one or 100.

It's just a suggestion that you may get a quicker, smaller download if it's for one computer, as they know exactly what needs updating. The general purpose update is exactly the same as the one they give out (or used to when they did) on the SP3 update CDs.

It works fine, it's the only one I've ever used, as you can put it on a CD to use whenever you need to.

  geedad 00:17 16 Jul 2009

Many thanks!

  OCTCORE 00:49 16 Jul 2009

I think you can download SP3 as a complete download from MS. It may run better as it will try to install as a 'program' checking your PC first and may prompt you with any issues. I used to do this with SP2 as it took so long to download.

  Furkin 08:59 16 Jul 2009

I used to get the same problem,,, in that both the 'Auto' UPDATE and manual Download failed to load. It's so frustrating after waiting for the thing to do its job, only to get the Fail messages.

Microsoft will send you SP3 on a CD - FOC.

I did this, but alas - I couldn't get it to load either.

Like you I decided to leave it. Then about a week later, the Automatic Update worked,,,, it just went in like a dream.

I don't know what the difference was - if any. Maybe Percy Veerence is the name of the game.

  xania 09:08 16 Jul 2009

I have heard that SP3 fails to load on some PCs with a virus checker installed. I waited until I had to reinstall XP clean and then installed SP2, installed SP3 aqnd THEn installe my Norton. Worked like a dream.

  geedad 10:59 16 Jul 2009

Many thanks to you all for your very interesting comments. I will need some time to mull over which course to take, but at the moment I don't feel like spending any further time attempting to download and install. But I do take all of your comments seriously, and I may pop off to the shop and buy a sack of coffee beans before trying again!

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