Windows XP won't start

  Nicholas 14:15 19 Aug 2008

I have installed a new hard drive as I was having trouble with windows not loading and just got as far as a blank black screen after the initial start up screen where it gives you a choice to press delete for set up. I thought it was a problem with the hard drive (I wanted to install a larger one anyway) so got a 160gb drive, set the jumpers to the same as the one I removed and installed it. Reinstalled my software from Acronis True Image but the start up only goes as far as the blank black screeen.
What can be the problem.

  woodchip 14:21 19 Aug 2008

Do you mean you restored a Image you created with Acronis to the New Drive? also make sure the jumper is set to Master if its the only Hard Drive Diagram on top of Drive The Jumper may be in a different position to do this

  Nicholas 15:30 19 Aug 2008

Yes, I installed the image from Acronis to the new hard drive. I had the jumper setting on 'cable select' as this was the setting on the old hard drive. I have now changed the jumper to the 'master' setting but still don't get past the blank black screen.

  Nicholas 16:15 19 Aug 2008

When I go into the BIOS setup screen the IDE hard drive is shown as 'NONE'. Should this be showing something else? The other alternative on this setting is 'Disabled'.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 19 Aug 2008

If BIOS is not detecting the drive and its the same for a new drive then:-

1. faulty IDE cable (try another, temp try the one for the DVD drive)

2. IDE controller on the motherboard has failed. (try resetting the BIOS.)

  Nicholas 18:00 19 Aug 2008

How do I reset the BIOS?

  woodchip 18:01 19 Aug 2008

You could also try in BIOS for the drive instead of Auto Detect choose LBA

  thms 18:12 19 Aug 2008

To clear cmos (reset bios) disconnect power.
Then either change the jumper position on the clr cmos pins or simpler still remove the battery for a few minutes.

  thms 18:14 19 Aug 2008

If you change the jumper remember to put it back to its original position before you power up.

  Pineman100 18:23 19 Aug 2008

I'm no kind of expert on this, so I'm probably operating above my pay-grade, but I'm interested to know how you restored your Acronis system image to the new hard drive.

Do I assume that the image is on an external drive, and that you booted the computer from the Acronis CD in order to carry out the restore?

If not, what exactly did you do?

  Nicholas 18:27 19 Aug 2008

Hi Pineman100,
I booted the computer from the Acronis boot CD and installed the backup files from one of my other computers via a network cable.

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