windows xp wont shutdown

  [DELETED] 09:41 19 Dec 2003

My computer has stopped shutting down. I have also lost my log on screen, it now comes up with a little windows box instead of the nice pictures i had.
It just hangs when it says 'saving your personal settings.'
Anyone know how to fix this?

  powerless 09:46 19 Dec 2003

For the shut down issue, have a read here > click here <

For the log in box, click Start, Control Panel, User Accounts, Change the way users log on or off, Check "Use the Welcome screen".

  [DELETED] 16:29 20 Dec 2003

according to microsofts home page i already have the patch its talking about wqhen it did the scan, but i obviously don't. Does anyone know how i can 'pick' it from a list or something.

Also, my log in screen still doesn't want to work even when the buttons are checked.

Can anyone help. Computers been on for four days now, and i spent ages picking my log on pictures.

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