Windows xp won't recognise usb stick

  sugarbabe 21:14 07 Jun 2011

just done system restore with xp disk on a dell latitude d802 and it now won't recognise internet or memory stick. downloading drivers with cd but if i plug in memory stick doesn't recognise at all

  sugarbabe 22:36 07 Jun 2011

iT SEEMS TO BE PROBLEM WITH ALL PLUG AND PLAY NOT BEING RECOGNISED. i have no yellow exclamation marks, but plug and play devices like usb stick won;t work

  woodchip 22:52 07 Jun 2011

Have you installed Service Pack 2 and 3. As you need to do that to get USB wortking

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:23 08 Jun 2011

Start - run - type


  • press ok

Scroll down the list of services and highlight Plug and Play - right click - properties - check it is set to Automatic and click on the start box.

You may need to restart windows for it to take effect.

  sugarbabe 11:56 08 Jun 2011

On the dell website where i am downloading drivers it has a chipset driver that says it is installing plug and play drivers. it says successfully installed but still [email protected] work. I have looked at services plug and play is automatic. I have service pack 2 will try download service pack 3 now.

Any other ideas

  sugarbabe 12:47 08 Jun 2011

I have installed service park 3 still not working

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:06 08 Jun 2011

Lets make sure USB is enabled Start - Run

To enable USB services, use the utdevadm command.

utdevadm -e -s usb (should be a hash sign space utdevadm)

Now lets get rid of any conflicting devices

  • are you keyboard and mouse USB or PS2 assumming PS2 as you say no USB is working? download USBdeview from here(to another machine and transfer across by floppy or cd or network) run it and uninstall ALL usb devices (except keyboard and mouse if using USB KB/ Mouse).

Reboot the machine and let windows find new hardware and install when you plug in a usb device.

  sugarbabe 16:17 08 Jun 2011

hi thanks for help sorry don't understand the utdevadm command. what do i need to type

  sugarbabe 16:27 08 Jun 2011

It seems to be any plug and play device not just usb for example its not detecting wireless card. i don't know if relevant but when i went to services. human interface device access is disabled and i cannot set to automatic

  sugarbabe 20:11 08 Jun 2011

hi thanks for help sorry don't understand the utdevadm command. what do i need to type

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:50 08 Jun 2011

The site won't let me write a # (hash)

at the beginning of a line it just changes the font instead.

(# utdevadm -e -s usb) without the brackets

If you cannot start the HID in services then a dependency is not running check Remote Call procedure (RPC) is running.

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