Bertie B 12:02 31 Jul 2003

I am trying to install drivers for an Adaptec Videoh! DVD video converter package just purchased which claims to be XP compatible. The Adaptec manual says "if you are using XP you may see a warning message about MSoft Windows logo certification - Click Continue Anyway"! PROBLEM is that my Windows XP Home edition just says "not compatible - software will not be loaded" and then goes no further.

Does anyone know how to overcome this, please. I seem to recall seeing that there is a way to tell XP how to deal with "so called" incompatible programs but I can't remeber where!

Wonderful XP!!!

  Big Elf 12:19 31 Jul 2003

Control Panel, System, Hardware tab, Driver Signing button and choose from there.

  Bertie B 12:32 31 Jul 2003

Many thanks - knew I'd seen it somewhere.

Will try again now!


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