windows xp wont boot in any mode but h/d ok

  timerep 16:53 08 Aug 2004

I cannot get xp to boot on a hard drive that contains important documents. it will attemtp to boot then click and go back to the bios boot up screen(back to the beggining) I tryed to run it in piggy back with another drive so I could drag and drop the important stuff off it but windows says its not formatted. It is and full of stuff. is it at all possible to get it going again or have I lost the lot. The windows xp repair consol did spring to mind but I would need to know the correct command to put in to work it.

  livewire 17:02 08 Aug 2004

I had the exact same problem as you- however it is unreapirable without re-partitioning your Hard Disk.

I would recommend using Bart PE or Knoopix to retreive your important documents.

Knopix- click here

BartPE- click here

Also in the recovery console try fixmbr.

However, In this case I belive that there is no other solution but re-partitioning your Hard Disk.

  reaths 17:04 08 Aug 2004

select boot from CD-Rom in Bios put XP disk in
CD-Rom and select repair option

  timerep 20:23 08 Aug 2004

tryed the repair console but it still wont boot I think all is lost thanks for the help guys but this one is terminal

  spanneress 20:33 08 Aug 2004

Even if you format it it the files are not gone for just can't see them. You can send itoff to specialists or even try obne of the dta retrieval apps....Just a tghought - but you *did* use it as a slave in another PC right? Was the other drive Fat32?

  Totally-braindead 20:37 08 Aug 2004

timerep the same thing happened to me last week and I'd really like to know why as I hadn't done anything unusual with my PC. I'm afraid I had to reformat and reinstall windows, I hope someone can come up with a solution for you and would really like to know what caused this.

  woodchip 20:44 08 Aug 2004

What I would try is, Start with a Win98se Floppy disc, and at A:\> type


and press enter with the Drive in the computer as before your problem. Then try a reboot

  timerep 22:07 08 Aug 2004

tryed the win 98 disk and the f disk/mbr but no go I looked at fdisk and displayed the partition info and it reads the correct size but says the file system is fat 12 its driving me barmey as i have such important stuff on there that will cause such problems if its lost. to answer another question the drive is currently in another machine as the master but the file system on it has always been fat 32 under xp I have tried rigging it as a slave to get files off it without booting but it just wont play.Ideas on how large a hammer I should use.
off to be bed now so any answers I will pick you in the mornig night guys and thanks for all the feedback thus far

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:39 08 Aug 2004

File recovery :-
R_Studio click here
Easyrecovery click here

  livewire 23:13 08 Aug 2004

I am assuming that Windows XP setup reports that it cannot reconize the partiton also?

Sounds like unreapiarable file system damage or hard drive failure.

Try to copy ntoskrnl.exe from the Widnows XP CD in the /i386 directory.

Then try and copy kernel32.exe over too.

Using the
copy D:\i386\kernel32.exe C:\Windows\System32
copy D:\i386\ntoskrnl.exe C:\Windows\system 32

Following this type Chkdsk /r

Do all of this in the recovery console and good luck!

  jonnytub 23:17 08 Aug 2004

sometimes fixmbr can be replaced with fixboot in case the first don't work

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