Windows xp wont boot

  Jaws3093 20:36 30 Sep 2004

When i try to boot into windows, it hangs at a black screen after the usual windows boot screen. When i tried to boot in safe mode, it hung when trying to load /windows/system32/DRIVERS/mup.sys

Anyone got any idea how to fix? I have an OEM ver of windows so no windows cd to run the restore prog :(

  stalion 20:43 30 Sep 2004

have you installed xp2?

  Jaws3093 20:45 30 Sep 2004

Yes...should i post in the sp2 forum? i didn't see it before i posted this...

  VoG II 20:47 30 Sep 2004

A Google search reveals many instyances of this. click here summarises the main approaches to tackle this.

  stalion 20:49 30 Sep 2004

that is not the reason I am asking .Can you give the spec of your computer and the make of your motherboard?

  Jaws3093 20:59 30 Sep 2004

The problem is with half of those is that, i don't have the recovery program :(

256 mb ran
60 gig hd (in 2 partitions, 1 20 gig one with linux on, 1 40 gig one with windows on)
IM845GL motherboard

and i think thats all you need? :)

  stalion 21:04 30 Sep 2004

That is an Intel motherboard if I am correct your problem could be this click here

  Jaws3093 21:33 30 Sep 2004

I can't find l1 or l2 cache in my bios, and i don't know how to rename update.sys from command promt... But i just figured out how to stop windows from rebooting on the black screen, so instead it showed this bsod:
STOP: C0000218 {Registry file failiure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
or it's log ot alnartive
It is corrupt, absent or not writeable.

Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory sump complete
Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance.

  Jaws3093 16:49 04 Oct 2004

Can anyone else help? :)

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