Windows XP Wireless Network Issue

  Xeuim 18:49 26 Oct 2007

Hey all

I am posting on behalf of a flatmate of mine, she is using Windows XP (SP2) on a sony Vio. I dont know the model number off hand but if it is needed then I can find out.

The issue she is having is that the "Wireless Network Connection" is not finding out network, or any networks come to that. She is using a third party scanner at the moment and she is able to dectect and connect to the network.

We are using a Open network with MAC filtering on our machines, broadcast SSID and no encyption, she is on the right channel and things becase she can connect.

My thoughts are that is might be a driver issue, I am going to be popping on to Sony'ies website next to see about some drivers for her but I was just wondering if any of you have come accross this before and if there is an easy workaround, or a not so easy but just so I know what it is.

Thanks in advance


  Ashrich 21:29 26 Oct 2007

Ok , maybe a silly question , but is the wireless card actually switched on ? It wouldn't be the first time that had been forgotten ....also , have a look in device manage under the network adapters and see if it can be turned on and off in software ( advanced tab )


  Xeuim 21:50 26 Oct 2007


Thanks for the responce. I will check but I am fairly certain that it is on. She connect's to the network fine, using this third party utility to find the network.

It is just the "Wireless Network Connection" window doesnt find any networks, we are in the heart of a student town, and on my laptop (when they are side by side) I find 4-8 networks, and her Windows scan will find 0, the 3rd party util will find a similar number to my laptop. I dont know what it is tbh :-S



  vladopcadvisor 11:02 27 Oct 2007

My belief is, that when you using 3rd party software to connect to the wireless network, one of microsoft's services, namely Wireless zero coniguration service is in stopped state, therefore built in windows wireless network utility does not work. If you want to use it, disable 3rd party tool and try it again. If it does not help, go start, run, type SERVICES.MSC , find WIRELESS ZERO CONFIGURATION , double click and change startup type to automatic, and press start if possible

  setecio 11:42 27 Oct 2007

Try disabling the MAC filtering and see if that helps, it might only allow detection of the network by the allowed MAC addresses.

  Ashrich 22:40 27 Oct 2007

vladopcadvisor is on the right track , you can't see networks using the Windows facility because it is not managing the wireless network , the other supplied software is managing it . To let Windows do the work you have to go into the properties of the wireless network connection and tick the box that says " Allow Windows to manage my wireless connection " Ok your way back to the desktop and scan again , you should see the networks available .


  Xeuim 22:49 27 Oct 2007


Thanks I will try that. However I dont think it is, we only installed the 3rd party software becuase windows couldnt see the networks as a temp measure till we fixed the windows thing

I will try and hope it fixes it

Ty all respinces

  postie24 23:04 27 Oct 2007

If you can connect and detect other networks with the 3rd party utility,that doesnt mean that the onboard wireless card is enabled.
Click start,type in the run box,services.msc
scroll down to wireless zero,make sure its running and set to auto.
Disconnect the 3rd party utility and now scan for available networks by right clickin the wireless icon in system tray.

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