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Windows XP will not install

  anniesboy68 18:41 11 Jul 2008

As title, my OEM recovery disk will not reinstall back to factory settings. Stops half way through and Safe mode stops half way through also. I have another disk OEM which will apparently loads a clean install. However after re formatting the hard drive, loading XP accepting rules/regulations etc off it goes but halts half way through again. There seems nothing I can do about this situation. Has anyone any ideas please? AB68

  Eargasm 23:57 11 Jul 2008

I had a similar problem a few weeks ago, xp got part way through then stoped with errors.
I cured it by downloading and running Killdisk before installing xp again.
It writes a series of zeroes to the hard drive and is more thorough than a format.

Have a read under "booting from a cd"

click here

  anniesboy68 12:37 12 Jul 2008

Thanks all, will take note of reply's.

  anniesboy68 14:44 12 Jul 2008

Well, perseverance does pay off.After a day and a half mucking about I have finally cracked it, and XP finally loaded on [back to factory settings]. Now the fun starts again loading all the extras i.e firewall, virus etc. All I did following the comments was to load "optomised defaults in the bios. The basic [not factory settings] installation would not go after that but of course the other did.
All this came about was after I swapped monitors, and after a couple of re starts the colours went all haywire. So to the usual hunting trying to find out the problem [which of course I didn't find] was in the long run a waste of time. The Problem was a loose connection at the monitor end........So all beware.... re format etc as a real last resort!!!! Thanks again to all for the suggestions AB68

  anniesboy68 11:01 13 Jul 2008

ronalddonald.....thanks for reminding me. AB68

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