Windows XP will not install

  anniesboy68 18:41 11 Jul 2008

As title, my OEM recovery disk will not reinstall back to factory settings. Stops half way through and Safe mode stops half way through also. I have another disk OEM which will apparently loads a clean install. However after re formatting the hard drive, loading XP accepting rules/regulations etc off it goes but halts half way through again. There seems nothing I can do about this situation. Has anyone any ideas please? AB68

  Crash 19:34 11 Jul 2008

Sounds to me as if you have hard drive problems. Have you another hard drive that you could try in it?

  Ditch999 20:07 11 Jul 2008

Have you added anything or changed anything to the original specification since you got it, like a graphics card, sound card etc?
Has anything been disabled/enabled in the BIOS that wasn't disabled/enabled as factory settings?

  Eargasm 23:57 11 Jul 2008

I had a similar problem a few weeks ago, xp got part way through then stoped with errors.
I cured it by downloading and running Killdisk before installing xp again.
It writes a series of zeroes to the hard drive and is more thorough than a format.

Have a read under "booting from a cd"

click here

  ronalddonald 00:13 12 Jul 2008

just to confirm you insert disc into drive restart and press f12 key. Deleted any partition and instlling fresh copy of xp by agreeing f8 key.

Thats the process you r following i hope.

Also please unplug any usb attached to computer such as extra hardrive but not the moouse or keyboard.

  anniesboy68 12:37 12 Jul 2008

Thanks all, will take note of reply's.

  anniesboy68 14:44 12 Jul 2008

Well, perseverance does pay off.After a day and a half mucking about I have finally cracked it, and XP finally loaded on [back to factory settings]. Now the fun starts again loading all the extras i.e firewall, virus etc. All I did following the comments was to load "optomised defaults in the bios. The basic [not factory settings] installation would not go after that but of course the other did.
All this came about was after I swapped monitors, and after a couple of re starts the colours went all haywire. So to the usual hunting trying to find out the problem [which of course I didn't find] was in the long run a waste of time. The Problem was a loose connection at the monitor end........So all beware.... re format etc as a real last resort!!!! Thanks again to all for the suggestions AB68

  ronalddonald 21:18 12 Jul 2008

grateful if you tick resolved

  anniesboy68 11:01 13 Jul 2008

ronalddonald.....thanks for reminding me. AB68

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