Windows xp - What security needed?

  Jackieanne 12:51 30 Mar 2003

I am getting confused, I intended downloading zone alarm & Avg (?) but have internet security suite from April edit. of pca. Exactly what do I need please?

  -pops- 12:55 30 Mar 2003

My choice would be (and is!) AVG and Outpost.


  Jackieanne 12:58 30 Mar 2003

What is this,what does it do & how easy to use?

  Dave Bowman 13:06 30 Mar 2003

Outpost is a firewall. It's used by several members of this forum. One of them should drop by soon to give you more of an insight.

  -pops- 13:25 30 Mar 2003

Here you are click here

I like it because it's easy to set up and just sits in the background doing its stuff. Anything it's not sure of, it asks. Best of all - it's free!


  Jackieanne 14:12 30 Mar 2003

Sorry to be a pain, just been reading the gen & sounds ok but says to ensure any other firewall to be shut down or like a car with 2 drivers...... will crash! Forgive me if I'm wrong as only just left win98 behind & got complete new system but guy in comp world said xp has firewall built in & that is ALL he uses, I've read that it has but not good enough for total protection but will outpost load with built in one or do I have to disable it (if possible)?

  -pops- 14:19 30 Mar 2003

I didn't know that you are supposed to disable the XP firewall before installing Outpost so I installed it just the same. Never been any conflict at all.

Don't trust the guy in Comp World - he's a salesman and doesn't necessarily know anything about computers. The XP firewall is one direction only and thus does half the job.

As with everything, set a system restore point before installing anything new just in case, but I'm pretty sure it won't do anything dire.


  Jackieanne 14:29 30 Mar 2003

Well perhaps I'm not that thick - at least I read the gen. but how do I set a 'system restore point'. My trouble is I read it then if I can't print it to remind me I promptly forget it!!!!!

  -pops- 14:35 30 Mar 2003

Thanks for the insult. I don't think I'll bother any more.

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