EatSomeCheese 19:07 08 Sep 2005

Every so often my windows xp (pro) machine slows right down and has the following strange symptoms:

- Run dialouge box (windows key + R) wont open

- My computer wont show contents, just displays "searching for items"

- Typing characters is very slow (several seconds delay when pressing keys)

- Processes do not disapear from Task Manager when closed.

It has all these symptoms at the same time, and I have a feeling that it might be something to do with the nVidia software. Also let me just say that it is NOT spyware/virus etc before someone says it. Also, RAM has been tested, and its not overheating (42 degrees).

System spec:

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 1mb Cache
Gigabyte K8N Ultra SLI
2GB x PC3200 DDR RAM
3 x 250 GB SATA HDD Raid 5
Gigabyte 6600 Turbo 256MB PCIe

Any ideas are VERY welcome! Thanks.

  johnnyrocker 19:10 08 Sep 2005

what about running system file check to see if any are corrupt?


  GaT7 19:14 08 Sep 2005

How to run/use johnny's System File Checker suggestion click here. G

  User-312386 19:24 08 Sep 2005

Looks like we are having the same sort of problem with AMD64 processor click here

Woodchip has advised that it just may be the SATA drive

I am going to install my O/S on MY PATA drive and disconnect the SATA and see what happens

Will do it this weekend and come back to you.

P.S. I have an ATI graphics card

  Stuartli 20:13 08 Sep 2005

Or the very similarly worded but much more comprehensive offering here:

click here

  GaT7 20:51 08 Sep 2005

Thanks Stuartli. Yes, that's a better guide - I had it bookmarked, alongwith 2 others, but I chose to provide the lesser one! G

  Samuelson 22:35 08 Sep 2005

Update: I Dont have the problem with opening/closing programs you do with yours, mine seems very specific and does not effect all everything. I notice that if I right-click on the taskbar button for a program there is an nVidia options menu, however when the system is doing the whole slow/crash thing, the nvidia menus have gone, Does anyone know of nvidia software causing problems?

  Stuartli 22:37 08 Sep 2005

You should find the nVidia nView Desktop Manager from Start>Settings>Control Panel

  GaT7 22:50 08 Sep 2005

Do you have the latest nVidia drivers installed - click here. G

  Samuelson 22:55 08 Sep 2005

Yep have the latest driver installed (I have a thing about keeping software updated).

  Samuelson 22:59 08 Sep 2005

PS. Forgot to add... the CPU reports as running at 100% when the machine does this! Needless to say, this processor should not be running at 100% like that.

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