Windows XP User Account security query

  CurlyWhirly 19:04 31 Jul 2005

I have read in a security article that using my operating system with Administrator privileges (as shown in my screenshot) is a bit risky from a security point of view.
Is this true?

click here

If so what can I do to increase security?
I have set up a Guest account before but when I wanted to download files or alter XP settings I got a "Permission is denied" error message!

Is there a way to increase my security with the minimum of inconvenience?

  Pooke 19:09 31 Jul 2005

I don't think anyone bothers having a limited user account and a separate admin account for changes only. I think it's too much hassle, besides ya can do what ya like to my system, nothing much on it and an hour will bring it back to the beginning. I'd assume most home machines are the same!

Another tip was, use the onboard keyboard and click the characters when entering cc details, so keyloggers etc couldn't see what ur typing. But of course some can take screen snapshots, so again, why bother?

Home systems are safe enough with well updated OS, AV, firewall, anti-malware proggies and loads of common sense.


  SANTOS7 19:10 31 Jul 2005

security from what?

  mattyc_92 19:27 31 Jul 2005

I intent to use a Limited account for accessing the net and work, as I rarley have to make any system wide changes, so there is no real need (and for more security)

It is really up to you, but it can be annoying when you want to do your virus scans or edit another account. Other than that, there is no problem.

  CurlyWhirly 19:28 31 Jul 2005

Pooke - so from what you are saying I am being a little paranoid then?

SANTOS7 - I was referring to security from hackers via a trojan as running with FULL Administrator privileges could be risky?


  CurlyWhirly 19:31 31 Jul 2005

That is exactly what used to happen before when I was running under a Guest account!

I used to go online and then realise that there were updates available for my anti-virus, Spybot, Ad-aware, etc, so I had to log off the internet and go back to the Windows desktop in order to carry out these actions and I soon got fed up having to do this!

I was hoping that there was an easier way to switch accounts hence my query?


  mattyc_92 19:32 31 Jul 2005

It isn't that risky, as it is still possible for viruses to make system wide changes if they are complex enough, but that is quite rare.

As I have said, I only do this as I have many user accounts (at one time 30 users on this machine), and a limited account suites me as I rarely change much around.

It is really up to you.

  mattyc_92 19:33 31 Jul 2005

You can also right-click onto a program shortcut and select "run as" and type in the username and password for a Administrator account. This is what I do for updates for CCleaner, Windows Updates, etc... if I haven't got time to login as an Administrator.

  mattyc_92 19:35 31 Jul 2005

There is a "quicker" way to switch users.... Just use the "Switch Users" option, but you can't change some things while another user is logged in.

  SANTOS7 19:37 31 Jul 2005

The trojan and spyware progs that are available to you are more than capable when dealing with what the net can throw at you, hackers are not realy interested in PCs run by joe public.
To increase security on your PC the first thing i would suggest is be selective about where you point it.

  CurlyWhirly 19:37 31 Jul 2005

Your last 2 replies are what I was looking for but I don't have the "switch users" option so I must have altered a setting somewhere but it doesn't matter as I can always use the "run as" command and type in my Administrator password.

Thanks just what I was looking for :0)

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