windows xp upgrade - W98 OEM

  joshbear 21:47 13 Oct 2003

I'm building a new pc but will be using my old hard drive.

I want to install windows xp. I currently have w98 on my hard drive which was loaded from a windows 98 CD supplied originally with my mesh computer. I think this makes it an OEM copy.

Can i buy windows xp upgrade and use my exisiting w98 cd as the qualifying cd eventhough it is an OEM copy?

I want to do a full clean install. Should I fit exisiting hard disk into new pc and upgrade? will there be problems with the disk not recognising the new hardware around it??


  LastChip 22:12 13 Oct 2003

According to Microsoft, Win98 and Win98se both qualify for an upgrade.

It appears Microsoft do not differentiate between Retail and OEM in this case.

  LastChip 22:15 13 Oct 2003

Normally, you can do a clean install on whatever disk you like, and at some point, XP will ask you for your '98 disk, to varify upgrade status.

  Djohn 22:21 13 Oct 2003

Yes,you can.I used my own 98se [OEM Version] to do a clean install of XP Pro. upgrade. Place your XP CD in the drive and follow the install instructions. During the install you will be asked to insert your qualifying CD, then once it's been scanned you will be asked to remove and reinsert XP. This will then carry on to a full clean install. j.

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