Windows xp upgrade

  zigg 19:41 15 Dec 2003

If I upgrade from win 98 to win xp (upgrade version), will it format my hard drive for me. Do I then need to reinstall 98 and xp? Also as I have a second drive will xp format both drives or does this not matter? Any advice would be appreciated.

  Lozzy 19:50 15 Dec 2003

No it will not automatically re format your hard drive. However you will be well advised to to do a re format as then you will have a perfect Operating System. No you will not need to re install Win 98 it will auto install XP after the format. Remember BACK UP ALL DATA FIRST..

  powerless 19:50 15 Dec 2003

UPGRADE will NOT format, it will just update files, put some new ones on and at the end you'll have have XP to play with.

If you do a CLEAN install you can format and start from scratch, you'll have to have your 98 disc to hand so the XP setup can qualify you for an upgrade.

You can format the other drive from windows XP.

Its best to a CLEAN install rather than the upgrade.

Are you thinking of using 98 and XP as in a dual boot setup?

  Nellie2 19:54 15 Dec 2003

All you need to do is put your XP disk in the drive and follow the instructions to format. XP will guide you through it. Make sure you have your original W98 disk to hand though because you will have to 'show' it to XP for the upgrade process. (You will have to put it into your CD drive at some point so XP can have a look at it) If you want to format your second drive then you can do that from within XP once it is all loaded and working nicely.
Just go to start, control panel, performance and maintenance, administrative tools, computer management then click on disk management in the tree. There might be a quicker way to get to it but that is how I find it!! :)

  Nellie2 19:55 15 Dec 2003

oops... sorry Powerless and Lozzy... you got in there before me!!

  zigg 00:40 16 Dec 2003

thanks folks

  Djohn 04:48 16 Dec 2003

The quicker way your looking for Nell is, Right click on your "My Computer" Icon, left click on "Manage" then left click on "Disk management" in the left hand pane. j.

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