Windows XP Updates in future

  Job CF 00:10 05 Nov 2013

I have a cute little IBM X60 Ultraportable that I sometimes use. Unfortunately, RAM canot be upgraded to more than 1.5GB so I am stuck with XP. I am worried about what to do after MS stop supporting XP, in case I need to format and re-install everything. I have files to install SP3 upgrades for XP and the Office. But the rest can be updated only from MS. Obviously this won't be possible after MS stop supporting the XP. Is there is place I can download installable updates since SP3?


  hastelloy 07:50 05 Nov 2013

*"in case I need to format and re-install everything." *

Why not put a back-up image on an external HDD? This would be good practice anyway in case of HDD failure.

  Batch 08:26 05 Nov 2013

I think you will find that, for quite some time, you can still download the updates (in the usual manner) that have been previously provided. MS just won't be adding any more. So any new security flaws that affect XP won't be patched.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:59 05 Nov 2013

Keep it up to date untill MS stop producing updates

Image weekly - restoring an image is much quicker than reinstalling windows and drivers and then all updates.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:37 05 Nov 2013

Dump XP and move on to Windows 7.

  spuds 11:11 05 Nov 2013

I have XP Home and XP Pro on two computer's that I use daily. I'll start worrying about updates and all the rest of it, when support for XP completely stops?.

NB: I still have one computer with Windows ME, and I think we all know how that operating system faired, or was suppose to have done :O)

  woodchip 14:48 05 Nov 2013

As above you only need a Image using Acronis or other, This you can also use to remove Virus and or Spyware etc. But it will only be as at the time you create it, unless you create more after

  dms_05 15:24 05 Nov 2013

If you care to try you will find Windows 2000 updates are still available for download (I recently re-installed W2000) and W2000 was abandoned many years ago. No new updates have ever been added since MS stopped supporting the OS but any that were available on the final day of W2000 availability are still there on the MS site and download using Windows Update. I expect XP will be the same. So 'Don't Panic'!

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