Windows XP Updates

  Gary 21:08 15 Jan 2004

I am using Windows XP and use Windows Update to download all the updates released by Microsoft. When you start the update proceedure, it scans your computer automatically and then gives you a list of new updates which you don't have installed so you can choose which ones you want.

I have a friend who also uses Windows XP but they don't have a broadband connection, which I do. I have been looking for a way to download the update files so I could put them on a CD and pass them on to this person, but I can't find a site with them all listed.

I did find a site describing how to save the files you download using the standard Windows Update proceedure, but this is no use, since I can't see all the updates which have been released - only those which I don't have installed.

Does anyone know of anywhere I can find a complete list of updates so that I can download the update files and then burn them to CD?

  mrdsgs 21:19 15 Jan 2004

you need the "windows update catalogue"

within the windows update main [page click on personalise windows upadate amd then tick the "dispaly the link to the windows update catalogue".

This option should then appear on the main page under "see also".

With broadband you can then download everything or select particular updates, save to your choice of hard disk location and then copy to cd as and when neded or share over a network.

Very easy to do

good luck


  [email protected] 21:58 15 Jan 2004
  Gary 23:32 15 Jan 2004

I have now successfully found a list of updates. However, there are definitely not as many listed as I have installed through the Windows Update facility. Does anyone know why some are apparently "missing"?


  DieSse 23:36 15 Jan 2004

Many older ones have been "rolled-up" into single larger updates - this could be the reason.

  Gary 23:37 15 Jan 2004

I've just discovered, having made the post above that if I select "Win XP SP1" as my operating system on the first page of the catalogue, more updates are listed than if I select "Win XP Pro SP1" which is what I was selecting before.

If I download all the "Win XP SP1" updates, will these include the ones I found under "XP Pro SP1" or do I need to get both lots?


  Gary 00:16 16 Jan 2004

Do you think that accounts for the difference? I found 13 when I searched for "Win XP Pro SP1" but 56 under "Win XP SP1".

  DieSse 00:31 16 Jan 2004

It may do - if you are downloading them for use elsewhere, you will need to download the set appropriate for the version they will be applied to.

  Gary 00:33 16 Jan 2004

But what is the difference then between "Win XP Pro SP1" and "Win XP SP1" - there are updates for the home edition as well so it can't be that...

  sierra 06:34 16 Jan 2004

Once they are downloaded and saved how do you install them and is there any particular order ?

  Gary 11:02 16 Jan 2004

The download files are .exe so it's just a case of double clicking them and following the instructions on screen. I suspect that if specific updates have to be installed in a specific order then they will have been combined together so that this will always happen regardless of when you choose to install the updates.

However, I'm not at this stage yet - I still can't work out which files I need to download.
Does anyone know what the difference is between the entries:

• Windows XP SP1
• Windows XP Professional SP1?

There are definitely more updates under XP SP1 - a number closer to the number of updates I have installed through the automatic update feature - and I'm running XP Pro?!?

Thanks in advance if anyone can advise,


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