windows xp taskbar resizing

  Optimo 09:33 01 Aug 2003

can anyone help me????????
having just installed xp home everything was going fine until the taskbar increased in size, ive tried to "drag" it down to the original size ie one row, but it goes from 2 rows down to nothing. I dont know if im explaining this very well but i know what i mean!

  3Toed 09:42 01 Aug 2003

Try right click on the taskbar-is it locked?.If it is unlock it and try redragging the edge down,then re-lock it.

  Optimo 09:46 01 Aug 2003

nope tried that, i know its only a small prob but its really annoying me, any more ideas?

  3Toed 09:54 01 Aug 2003

Right click on the taskbar,click properties,and try checking 'keep the taskbar on top of other windows'(also dont forget to keep unocking the task bar if you are dragging it(and re-locking if needed))

  hugh-265156 09:55 01 Aug 2003
  Optimo 10:42 01 Aug 2003

now for some reason when i move my quick launch icons to the right hand side (next to the clock) i can reduce the task bar!


  Grimy Corporal 21:36 03 Aug 2003

Ok, it's fixed. Thanks very much for your help. the licking and dragging was the fix that did it. Once again thanks.


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