Windows XP takes ages to "start up"

  sam2004 17:56 12 Sep 2005

I'v got a problem with my computer at the moment whereby it takes ages to load the "family login screen". The Blue Xp background loads and then i'm told, by the computer, that "Windows is starting up". On my other computers with Xp this "starting up" takes 15 seconds tops but this computer takes 1-2 mins.

Can anyone help?

  mattyc_92 17:58 12 Sep 2005

Have you done a "Defragmention" of your system lately?

  sam2004 18:03 12 Sep 2005

No, do i need to?

  mattyc_92 18:07 12 Sep 2005

I would try it as it may help.....

I use "Diskeeper" (click here) as I find it works alot better than Windows Defrag tool

  eddie937 19:01 12 Sep 2005

Try using 'msconfig' in the 'run' option on the start bar and go to 'startup' and uncheck any boxes of programs you don't need at start up.

  eddie937 19:08 12 Sep 2005
  woodchip 19:25 12 Sep 2005

This may be due to AV updating it's self. Can also be too many programs loading at boot. If it's a Laptop Like I am on at the Moment the Hard Drive can amplify the problem as the Drive in my laptop is only 4200rpm I am thinking on upgrading this to a faster drive

  sam2004 21:13 12 Sep 2005

i am running the defrag, but this other AV thing sounds intresting! :)

  GaT7 21:18 12 Sep 2005

AV = AntiVirus

  sam2004 21:42 12 Sep 2005

oh right, no so intresting

  woodchip 21:51 12 Sep 2005

It's intresting if it slows your computer down. What AV are you running is it Norton by any chance

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