Windows XP System Restore problem

  dealyboy 11:26 01 Dec 2003

I have recently encountered a problem updating my sound card drivers (Creative SB Audigy2 EAX 4.0) where System Restore (Windows XP (Home)) did not return my system to a stable state.

I set a restore point prior to the update (a self installing executable) ran the update and after having found that it had seemingly corrupted my audio presets I used Restore to go back to the checkpoint. Having finshed the restore sequence and clicking on OK the system immediately froze and subsequently the same thing happened in the desktop after hard rebooting. I was able to re-boot in safe mode and undo the system restore successfully (and then used Add/Remove programs to uninstall/install the Audigy2 software successfully).

Having had no problems before or since with System Restore (apart from an earlier attempt to install this EAX 4.0 software), does this point to the update or my system having a problem ?

I thought that System Restore would always ensure that I could revert to a stable state.

Thank you.

  Ive 11:47 01 Dec 2003

Dealyboy. Last week I downloaded media player 9 through windows update on XP Home, (before hand I created a restore point) and after doing so I had no sound anywhere, cds would not work, nor the radio, so I restored to created point but although it reverted to player 8 the sound problem still existed and it took ages to sort out.

  dealyboy 15:42 02 Dec 2003

Hi Ive,
I guess my question is 'Is System Restore reliable ?' i.e. should it always (on a clean system) restore the environment to the stability at the checkpoint ?

I have been in correspondence with Creative European Support over the last couple of weeks regarding the problems I've had with the EAX 4.0 update and it would be rather impolite of me to open a discussion on this at the moment. However we've reached the point where suspicion is being placed on the registry. A registry 'zap' and a Windows repair installation have been suggested (... but this could open up a hornets nest !). The assumption has been made that a System Restore checkpoint before the installation should enable me to simply undo the change.

My system generally is fine (touching wood and crossing fingers etc) and I've used System Restore to undo changes before and since. The obvious implication is that this update somehow prevents me from returning to stability using the System Restore checkpoint.


  Cesar 11:52 03 Dec 2003

Insert your windows disc and go to Start>Run and type the following: SFC /scannow and then on OK this should repair any corrupted files.
In conclusion I have used Restore on numerous occasions and it always works.

  dealyboy 15:03 04 Dec 2003

Thanks Cesar,
Unfortunately I'm one of those who only has an OEM 'Recovery' CD; will the command be the same ?

  Cesar 10:16 06 Dec 2003

Yes! the command should be the same on your recovery disc, it is on mine.

  dealyboy 10:59 06 Dec 2003

Thanks Cesar.

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