Windows XP and student/teacher discount

  InCog 18:15 02 Sep 2003

Does anyone know if XP is still available at a discount via the student/teacher licence? I've tried but can find no reference to it.

  Lippy 18:18 02 Sep 2003

I've seen it available in a warehouse I us called Costco, so I guess it is.

  Djohn 18:22 02 Sep 2003

click here "Insight", £46.99 regards. j.

  InCog 18:22 02 Sep 2003

Does costco have a website? I think it's a members' only business, isn't it?

  Spock58 18:23 02 Sep 2003

Try this link

click here

I have written to insight asking exactly how the licence applies because there seems to a little greyness as to what this particular licence allows one to do. Insight, however, did not reply.

  InCog 18:26 02 Sep 2003

Great! That's what I was looking for. Cheers.

  Spock58 18:28 02 Sep 2003

Costco does have a website but it doesn't tell you anything. I have been to Costco, and on the whole it is no cheaper for most things than anywhere else, with the exceptrion of tyres, which you will not find very useful on your PC. You also have to pay approx £30 'membership', Do visit your local store though, if only for the experience.

  InCog 18:32 02 Sep 2003

Where it says 'upgrade', I assume this means that you need an existing Windows OS, such as Millennium?

  Djohn 18:35 02 Sep 2003

There are no problems with the "Insite" offer. If you qualify then you are entitled to buy under the, Teacher/Student licence terms.

Insight ask no questions whatsoever, you pay your money and receive your product. It will activate without any questions being asked of you from Microsoft. This is Microsofts way of allowing as many people as possible to use it's products. There are very few people who do not qualify, as most are, or have someone in their family giving/receiving education. j.

  Djohn 18:37 02 Sep 2003

Yes, any O/S from 98 upwards. j.

  accord 18:40 02 Sep 2003

when i bought office 97 with the student license i had to get my lecturer to sign the disclaimer form which i all you get in the box. you send this to M$ and they send you the software. easy peasy

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