Windows XP startup

  Skyworth 12:19 12 Mar 2005

When you start up windows XP, it comes to a screen, asking who you want to log on as. Under it each name it sometimes displays information. (eg you have one program running)Is there anyway to turn this off? It is really annoying because it constantly says i have two unread emails, which is not the case. I have tried all my accounts and i have no unread emails.

  VoG II 12:25 12 Mar 2005
  Skyworth 12:29 12 Mar 2005

is this file safe? mcafee says that its a 'suspicious script'

  VoG II 12:30 12 Mar 2005

Safe as houses.

  mattyc_92 12:33 12 Mar 2005

Safe as Houses????

Around my area, your house isn't safe at all.... lol

  Skyworth 12:35 12 Mar 2005

it hasn't work- any idea what to do now?

  VoG II 12:37 12 Mar 2005

Which one did you run? I think you need the second one.

  Skyworth 12:42 12 Mar 2005

i ran the first

  Skyworth 12:48 12 Mar 2005

to my great disappointment, neither work...

  Skyworth 12:53 12 Mar 2005

from looking at some previous threads, i found that program called tweakui seems to work. It wont slow down my pc will though will it? I have a 3.06ghz P4 and 2GB DDR RAM, but the more i put on the pc, the more it seems to slow and slow. I defrag it once a week, and run several utilities, but it still takes 3 times longer (1.5 mins) to load than wheni first had it. I onlt have used up 40gb aswell!

  VoG II 13:01 12 Mar 2005

TweakUI uses virtually no resources.

Unread mail is in the Logon section.

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